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Sandpaper strip Useit® Superpad vehicle

Vehicle sandpaper strip Useit Superpad

Art.-no. 0581310100
EAN 4047376612112

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Sandpaper strip Useit® Superpad vehicle

Art.-no. 0581310100

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The perforated sanding strip for fillers, HS top-coat paints and water-based paints, as well as plastics and composite fibre materials (e.g. GFRP).

Sanding strip perforated over entire surface

  • The sanding dust is vacuumed away completely from the entire surface.

  • No clogging, high sanding performance, long service life, uniform grinding finish, high removal rate.

Dust and shade-free operation

Shorter sanding time and effective working with a sanding performance up to four times that of conventional perforated abrasives

Saves time and money.

In contrast to conventional perforated abrasives, the hole pattern of the Useit® Superpad P Vehicle was optimised for the material and the amount of dust produced.

No clogging of the sanding disc

The Useit Superpad P for vehicles is universally suitable for use with any sanding plate (regardless of holes) – with or without dust extraction.

Foam insulation

  • Pressure equalising

  • The spot pressure on the surface is reduced by the foam insulation.

The danger of sanding through on edges, beads and curves is reduced to a minimum


The following factors can affect the sanding results:

  • 1. The condition of the surface (type of filler, spraying pattern, degree of drying through).

  • 2. The processor (sanding pressure, feed rate, sanding technique).

  • 3. The sanding plate (design, e.g. shape and hardness).

  • 4. The processing machine (rotation speed, drive, stroke, suction etc.).
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Width x length

70 mm x 120 mm

Hole pattern

Multiple perforations

Grid size


Adhesive system

Hook and loop

Material of abrasive medium

Aluminium oxide

Cust. Mat. No.

Hazardous Material

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