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Tap wrench DIN 1814 Performance, adjustable

Tap wrench DIN 1814 Performance, adjustable

Art.-no. 0657800150
EAN 4061975320766

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Tap wrench DIN 1814 Performance, adjustable

Art.-no. 0657800150

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Performance tap wrench for mounting tools with square shank according to DIN 10 with redesigned reinforced body as well as knurled handles for very high loads.

Pinpoint accuracy

Precision-eroded, hardened clamping jaws with built-in guide groove. As a result of the eroding process, only minimal radii are created at the internal and external corners. The movable jaws are secured to the handle by a split pin. Thanks to this innovative type of fastening, loosening of the thread screw connections is prevented

Comfortable operation

Handles with a fine cross knurling ensure work even under a high degree of contamination. When used in confined spaces, a handle can be unscrewed easily

Safe work even using high forces

Very high load-bearing capacity compared to standard models

Sustainable production

Black coated handles made from steel and powder-coated tap wrench body

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Application area

Adjustable tap wrench for mounting hand tools with square shank according to DIN 10, such as hand taps, reamers or screw extractors.

InstructionsWhen clamping hand taps, please note the following:

The movable jaw of the tap wrench is loosened by turning the handle. Now the square shank of the hand tap is placed in the resulting gap. By turning the handle again, the hand tap is clamped between the jaws and is fixed there. The clamped tool can be used to cut threads manually.

For this, a core hole is pre-drilled in the workpiece. Now the drill is equipped with a suitable coolant/lubricant and positioned vertically. Thanks to the two handles, a high force can be applied and cutting is easy. When thread cutting manually, it is important to ensure that the drill is turned back at regular intervals in order to break the chips created.




180 mm


Die-cast zinc



Min./max. thread-cutting area, metric

1-12 mm

Suitable for min./max. square socket size

2-8 mm

Min./max. thread-cutting area Whitworth pipe thread BSP (G-thread), imperial

1/8-1/8 in

Min./Max. thread-cutting area Whitworth (W-thread), imperial

1/16-1/2 in

Min./max. reamer cutting range

2.5-9.5 mm

Cust. Mat. No.

Hazardous Material

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